Superstar Lionel Messi has long been in the dressing room at the final whistle. Argentina have secured third place at the South American Championship with a victory over defending champions Chile – despite a red card for superstar Lionel Messi.

The US Federal Police are now reporting several arrests of members of a neo-Nazi movement, including their leaders. US President Trump is shaking the foundations of US alliance policy: In front of supporters in West Virginia, he questions military support with Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea. “You”, he promises, “will pay us.” Storm surges, heavy rain, floods: Hurricane “Florence” is likely to have severe effects – experts predict it. The US southeast coast is getting ready for the severe storm. But not all follow the appeals of the authorities.

Hurricane Florence, heading for the US east coast, is getting stronger. Meteorologists fear life-threatening storm surges and floods. The first island off the coast of North Carolina is already being evacuated. A year ago a right-wing demonstration escalated in Charlottesville and a woman died. To mark the anniversary, the city and state of Virginia are preparing for new incidents.

The right-wing wants to march again. “The motive of the shooter from Virginia Beach is still unclear, the investigation is ongoing. (Photo: REUTERS) Twelve people died in the Virginia Beach city council on Friday. They were shot by a man who was still until a few hours before was her colleague. The shooter dies in a subsequent firefight with the police. Investigators are puzzling about the motive for the crime. The shooter who shot twelve people in the US state of Virginia had submitted his resignation a few hours before his act City clerk DeWayne Craddock informed his superiors of his resignation Friday morning, Virginia Beach chief executive Dave Hansen said. The chief administrative officer dismissed other reports that Craddock had been fired before “, emphasized Hansen.

According to previous knowledge, the city employee worked well and was respected in his department. There were no disciplinary proceedings against him, so the shooter’s motive remains unclear. Craddock apparently shot and killed twelve people at random in a city administration building on Friday afternoon. He was later killed in a firefight with police officers. Source:, bad / AFP “” “A penalty shoot-out is not a game of chance,” said Chile’s penalty professional Claudio Bravo. (Photo: dpa) Chile wants to set an example for football -WM 2018. The Copa professionals have chosen Löw’s Confed Cup talents as opponents.

The goal: a victory. The problem: goals from the game. The solution: a penalty shoot-out – against Germany of all places. Just a coincidence?

Chile’s goalkeeper Claudio Bravo is outraged. “A penalty shoot-out is not a game of chance,” says the keeper of the South American champions, making it clear: In the final of the Confed Cup on Sunday (8 p.m. / ZDF and live ticker) in St. Petersburg, Germany is the world champion This possible final decision is also an important part of the match plan. After all, the recent experiences of the 34-year-old in particular and his compatriots in general with the dramatically pointed end of the game are splendid.

Germany: ter Stegen – Süle, Mustafi, Ginter – Kimmich, Rudy, Goretzka, j. Hector – Stindl, Draxler – Werner; Trainer: Lion Chile: Bravo – Isla, Medel, Jara, Beausejour – M. Diaz – Aranguiz, Vidal – Vargas, Sanchez, Hernandez; Coach: Pizzi Referee: Mazic (Serbia) Stadium: Krestovsky, St. Petersburg The team of coach Juan Pizzi recently won the Copa America on penalties twice, on Wednesday Portugal was defeated in the same way in the semi-finals of the World Cup dress rehearsal. The fact that Bravo was able to fend off all three shots from the point against the European champions was not a whim of fate for the 34-year-old, but the result of careful preparation: “There was a lot of work, a lot of intelligence and a lot of information in it.

We did a perfect job at the right moment. “Unlike goalkeeper Bravo, the impulsive Arturo Vidal would have preferred a positive outcome for” La Roja “after 90 minutes.” If we fight like crazy, we will be able to beat Germany too, “believes the “warrior” of the German record champions Bayern Munich and even dared to look forward: “This tournament is the waiting room for the World Cup. If we win here, that will be a clear sign for the other teams for next year. “But it is indisputable: An extension could hurt Chile (average age: 29 years) a lot more than the young German team. Vidal had contact with his German club colleagues already: “Joshua Kimmich and I talked a lot. After the group game we said that we would see each other again in the final. “Already in the semi-final against Portugal and in the preliminary round against Germany (1-1), the 30-year-old said, Chile had brought the most important virtues to the field. “Our team has shown that they show their best in difficult moments: unity, commitment and a Chilean heart,” said Vidal.

That didn’t change the fact that the Pizzi team had a hard time scoring goals at the World Cup dress rehearsal in Russia. Again and again, the best shot opportunities were not used, a shortcoming that one cannot actually afford against the selection of the German Football Association, but Pizzi is surprisingly calm about the difficulties his protégés have in closing. “I’ll only really worry if we don’t create any more chances,” said the 49-year-old Argentine. Or he is simply hoping for more heroic deeds from penalty killer Bravo. Source:, Andreas Frank, sid “Beijing’s embassy in Washington. (Photo: REUTERS) Employees of the Chinese embassy in the USA are supposed to move to a sensitive military base in the US State of Virginia The two men were expelled, according to a newspaper report.

However, the process is so secret that neither Beijing nor Washington want to comment on the incident. According to a media report in October, the United States secretly expelled two Chinese embassy representatives on suspicion of espionage. The two men are suspected of gaining access to a military base in the US state of Virginia in September in the presence of their wives.

Special forces are also stationed there, reported the New York Times, citing six people familiar with the matter. American government officials fear that at least one of the embassy employees was a member of the Chinese secret service. Since the group could not show an entry permit, they were asked to drive through the entrance to the site and turn around immediately, the newspaper reported. Instead of leaving the military base, however, the four drove on.

After fire trucks blocked them, they stated that they did not understand the security guard’s instructions in English and got lost. The motive for the attempted intrusion is not clear. However, there is a suspicion that the security precautions should be tested. There was initially no response to a request from the State Department in Washington. The “New York Times” also points out that neither the US State Department nor the FBI wanted to comment on the incident.

When asked by the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the embassy in Washington, there was also no answer. If the incident is confirmed, according to the newspaper, it would be the first expulsion of Chinese diplomats on suspicion of espionage in more than 30 years. Relations between the US and China are strained. For around a year and a half, the two countries have been fighting a trade conflict, which eased at least somewhat on Friday after reaching an agreement on a partial agreement. However, laws passed by the US Congress to support the democracy movement in Hong Kong caused outrage in Beijing.

The US government’s sharp criticism of the treatment of the Uyghurs in the Xinjiang province also sees China’s leadership as undesirable interference in internal affairs. Source:, mau / dpa “Götterdämmerung? (Photo: dpa) The king shows nerves and feels as the hunted: The former dream marriage of Arturo Vidal and Chile is about to divorce. The “warrior” no longer feels like the constant criticism. After the bankruptcy he initiated against Paraguay, he is really angry. Arturo Vidal let his frustration on Twitter Profile free run. “The stinky boots that exist in this country should rejoice now,” said the Bayern Munich midfield motor, who was branded a scapegoat because of his own goal, bitterly against Chile’s 0: 3 (0: 1) in the South American World Cup qualification Paraguay. “Rey Arturo” even threatened his soccer kingdom with abdication. “There is less and less missing to get rid of me,” continued the 30-year-old, whose name was repeated before the game he appeared in scandal headlines. On Tuesday night, Vidal had met friends in a casino.

When dinner ended on a lavish night of partying and the police were even called over because of the tumult and property damage, he had long been at home with his family. The “warrior” who chases every ball on the pitch feels at home wherever he is the Copa América 2015 also had his Ferrari wrecked after visiting a casino under the influence of alcohol, even as a persecuted person. And now shows unusual nerve when he headed the free kick of Paraguay’s Oscar Romero (24th) unhindered in the own corner of the goal. Victor Caceres (55th) and Richard Ortiz (90th) cemented the guest success against the South American champions (23 points) and shot the Albirroja (21) back into the increasingly narrow race for South America’s World Cup tickets for the 2018 finals in Russia. With seven candidates for three more direct tickets, the Eliminatorias are heading for a heartbeat final. During record world champions Brazil (36) after the 2-0 (0-0) against Ecuador with three remaining game days and eleven points ahead of second place Colombia (25) not more can be displaced from first place, Argentina (23) missed the break with a zero number in Uruguay (24). The vice-world champion would currently have to take the detour play-offs against the Oceania winners – probably New Zealand (5-1 against the Solomon Islands) – in fifth place. The new triumvirate with Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona), Mauro Icardi (Inter Milan) and Paulo Dybala (Juventus Turin) didn’t work yet. “Beyond the new system, it was the same as in the past: extreme dependency on what Messi does,” said the sports newspaper “Olé”, assessing the competitive debut of coach Jorge Sampaoli. Source:, tno / sid “Knowing about fights Referees not having fun. (Photo: REUTERS) Argentina says goodbye to the 46th South American Championship with a victory.

In the game for third place, the Albiceleste prevailed against Chile. Superstar Lionel Messi has long been in the dressing room at the final whistle. Argentina have secured third place at the South American Championship with a victory over defending champions Chile – despite a red card for superstar Lionel Messi. The Albiceleste prevailed in Sao Paulo 2-1 (2-0) against the Chilean team around the ex-Bayern professional Arturo Vidal. Messi did not see his team’s victory on the pitch. The star striker was sent off with red in the 37th minute after clashing with Chilean Gary Medel on the sidelines.

The Chilean was also sent off for pushing. Previously, Messi had served in the 12th minute after a free kick near the center line Sergio Agüero, who left the entire Chilean defense behind, ran alone on goal and pushed in for the opening goal. Paulo Dybala picked up the ball in the 22nd

Minute easily over Chile’s goalkeeper Gabriel Arias after accepting a through pass from Giovani Lo Celso. In the 58th minute Vidal shortened with a penalty to the final score, the equalizer was no longer possible. In the final this Sunday in Rio de Janeiro hosts Brazil and Peru face each other. Source:, chr / dpa “” Alphonso Davies had the choice between the top European clubs – and decided on FC Bayern. (Photo: dpa) Top talent should come, experienced top stars like Jérôme Boateng and Arturo Vidal leave: FC Bayern is realigning its personnel policy and radically rejuvenating its team. The symbol of the strategy: 17-year-old Alphonso Davies, who could cost almost 20 million, was obviously hard work for the FC Bayern strategists. But then Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was able to report: “He signed.” Hasan Salihamidzic also sounded relieved when he emphasized that he would like to say thank you to everyone “who worked on this transfer: it was excellent teamwork”.

The soccer record champions, there is no doubt, are damn proud that they have signed 17-year-old Alphonso Davies. The Munich team are currently trying with a remarkable force to renew their squad and to rejuvenate it. Jérôme Boateng and Arturo Vidal are for sale, possibly also Thiago and Juan Bernat. Franck Ribéry and Arjen Robben are going into their last season at Bayern. There are already successors in the squad like Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry, the change of world champion Benjamin Pavard from VfB Stuttgart is apparently only a matter of time. So now Davies, a young man from Canada. For Bavaria’s new coach Niko Kovac, the US tour is under the motto Jugend forscht. (Photo: USA TODAY Sports) Davies, born in Liberia, grew up as a refugee first in Ghana, then in Edmonton, comes for a fixed fee of 11.5 million euros from the Vancouver Whitecaps from the North American professional league MLS.

Success-related payments can increase the total to 19.3 million euros. Davies will end the season in Vancouver, then come to Säbener Strasse in January. The then 18-year-old will train with the professionals and initially play with the U23. Davies is now something of a figurehead for Munich.

Proof that they are serious about their plan to counteract the mega-million transfers by tracking down and developing young and promising players. The squad of their current US travel group, which just lost 2-2 to Juventus Turin in Philadelphia, includes 14 young players, including the Luxembourg junior international Ryan Johansson and the home grown Oliver Batista Meier.