Source: “It is the first corona briefing from US President Trump in more than two months.

And that’s quite a lot. Source: “” Tatort “” – Commissioner Tukur plays himself. (Photo: dpa) For the body count drama “” Born in pain “” the “” Tatort ” “with Tukur recently won prizes. After the successful quotation thriller, you pull the curtain aside and expose the actors with a film in the film. If it says “” Tukur “” there is no “” crime scene “” in it, at least not a classic one. About the predecessor “” Born in pain “” was also written in detail at this point. The spaghetti western drama with “” Shakespeare meets Tarantino “” – was awarded the Golden Camera and the Grimme Prize. How to beat that thing? Or at least have an equal successor?

Not an easy task, which the author and director Bastian Günther eludes with a trick – a film in a film. When Felix Murot (Ulrich Tukur) and Magda Wächter (Barbara Philipp) appear at the crime scene, a parking garage, they only get it with a dead man, then to do with another. It soon becomes clear that one of the two has won a large sum of money at the casino. The money is gone.

Instead of plunging into the investigation, however, reality is attacked on the film level. A 19-year-old assistant director of the actual film team of the Hessischer Rundfunk has had a fatal accident, the shooting is stopped, Tukur not only has to deal with himself again, i.e. Ulrich, Uli, but shortly afterwards also with the fact that he himself, So the Tukur, the Ulrich, the Uli, the real Uli is under suspicion of murder.I’m just copying the thriller. And fall out of the role here too. From reviewer to viewer and now here, if you like, in first-person form. What the crime scene can do for a long time.

The criticism in the criticism. Also kind of nonsense. What do I actually want to say? When I read the story of the film, the ideas behind it, the plot gadgets that would await me, I was already mentally writing off. Too complicated, too mannered.

Artificial quark. What can I say? It turned out to be extremely entertaining. With Justus von Dohnányi, for example, wonderfully stupid as himself, as a canteen uncle with a meal mantra, his mouth smeared with chocolate, his eyes empty, his head full of torque – quite delicious. Or the visit from the other districts: Martin Wuttke, ex -Investigator from Leipzig, as an overdriven Schmichel. Wolfram Koch alias Paul Brix, who, as a vain dude, has nothing more than gun stance and showmanship in mind and makes a monkey of himself on breakfast TV alongside his overconfident partner Margarita Broich – even the one with lots of verve and nonsense potential If you want to classify that at all, then in fact, Wuttke, Koch and Tukur as “” The three from the meta-level “” are far more entertaining than their cinematic alter egos. “” First chairman, without a fight “” – when was the last time you heard such good lines in a “” Tatort “”?

You can hardly imagine how Ms. Thomalla would have looked out of her laundry if Wuttke had thrown something like that at her. And the cops, in this case the “real” ones, the inspectors, the “” really “” determine? Two naps with nerve potential, somewhere in the star system between Kottan and Stromberg. Pat and Patachon from the in-between world, who also do not show themselves to bang at Tukur for autographs.

The case finally falls completely out of the world when Tukur meets himself in the end. And I, quite honestly, no longer know exactly which one is which now. And if so, how many. Or why.

Artificial quark? Yeah. But I was having fun.

You too? Source: “It is the first corona briefing by US President Trump in more than two months. Since then, the situation in the country has deteriorated significantly, especially in the southern states. For the first time, Trump is also pessimistic – US President Donald Trump has prepared the Americans for a worsening coronavirus pandemic. “” Unfortunately, it will probably get worse before it gets better, “Trump said at a press conference in the White House. ”“ I don’t like to say that about things, but that’s the way it is. ”“ For the first time in almost three months, Trump held a press conference to provide information about the corona pandemic.

Many of his statements contrasted with statements made in recent weeks. The US is currently experiencing a dramatic worsening of the pandemic. Trump admitted this, saying, “” In the past few weeks we have seen a worrying increase in cases in many parts of our South, (…) Southwest and West. “” Authorities reported between 60,000 and 77,000 in the past two weeks New infections per day and hundreds of deaths. The states of Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona and California are particularly affected. Trump has always explained the multitude of new cases so far with the multitude of tests that are now being carried out, and compared the outbreaks with “” embers “” and “” flames “”.

On Tuesday he spoke of “” big flames. “” Trump encouraged Americans to wear protective masks when they cannot keep a distance: “Whether you like the masks or not, they have an effect, they will have an effect and we need everything we can get. “” The Republican rejects a national mask requirement. Critics accuse him of setting a bad example in the pandemic because he almost never appears in public with a mask. To underline that he had no problem with masks, Trump pulled out a mouth and nose mask at the press conference. “” I have the mask here, “” he said.

When he presented guidelines from the CDC in April, Trump had made it clear that he would not wear a mask despite the recommendation. Trump said he was working hand in hand with the governors in combating the pandemic and promised them one hundred percent support. “Everything they need, they get.” “Because of the way the pandemic was dealt with, there has been repeated resentment between the government in Washington and governors of some states. Criticism has also recently come from the ranks of Trump’s Republicans: The governor of the state of Maryland, Larry Hogan, accused Trump last week of not reacting quickly enough to the threat and of leaving the governors alone to expand tests. Trump made it clear on Tuesday – also with reference to the governors – that he does not see the responsibility in the Corona crisis alone. “” I think we are all responsible. “” During the first worsening of the corona pandemic in spring, Trump made it clear that he wanted to bring the country back to normal operations as soon as possible.

Faced with a dramatic increase in the number of deaths, he turned around in April by promising Americans to spend difficult weeks. In May, he put the country back in the mood for a return to normal. Most recently, he focused on the rapid reopening of the economy and schools, and he praised the actions of his government. But criticism of Trump’s crisis management grew, as a poll published on Friday confirmed.

The resumption of the Corona press conferences was also seen as an attempt by Trump to counter the falling approval. Its advisor Kellyanne Conway said last week that it was no coincidence that the polls were better than Trump himself addressed the coronavirus problem. “” People want to hear from the President of the United States. It doesn’t have to be daily, it doesn’t have to be for two hours, but from my point of view it has to be, “” she said on Friday.

Trump had held press conferences almost every day until the end of April, some of which lasted longer than two hours. On Tuesday, Trump spoke for less than half an hour and allowed comparatively few questions from journalists. He lamented “” every single precious life that has been lost “” and thanked doctors and other first responders during the crisis. “My administration will stop at nothing to save lives,” “Trump promised. The aim is not just to contain the pandemic, “” but to get rid of it, “said Trump. It sounds “” hollow “” when Trump claims that he has an “” untiring focus “” on the corona crisis, said US Democratic candidate-designate Joe Biden. Trump spent months dismissing the incredible damage the virus caused. “He even reiterated tonight that it will just“ disappear ”after killing 140,000 Americans and shaking our economy.” “Biden wants Trump to dispute his place in the White House in the November election do.

Surveys currently see him ahead – but they should be treated with caution. In addition, a lot can happen in more than three months: Members of the White House’s corona working group did not have a say at Trump’s press conference. The immunologist and director of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, had previously told CNN that he had not been invited to the press conference.

On Tuesday, however, it appeared that Trump had borrowed from his advisor. Fauci had already said in April: “” It will get worse before it gets better. “” Source:, bad / AFP “Mark S. admits to manipulations since 2012: With blood doping, blood is taken and fed back. (Symbolic picture ) (Photo: imago images / Roland Mühlanger) Erfurt doctor Mark S. largely confessed to the crimes in the third week of the doping trial in Munich, and his lawyers explain that he admits blood doping to various athletes and blood manipulation.

He did not risk the health of the athletes. As the main defendant in the blood doping process, the medical doctor Mark S. has made a comprehensive confession and has admitted manipulation since 2012. In a statement read out by his lawyers, the Erfurt resident admitted that from that year on, he had mainly looked after winter and cycling athletes. “” I can no longer say why I decided to do autologous doping, “said S. before told the Munich District Court II through his lawyers: “” Doping is the order of the day if you want to be successful. “” However, S. emphasized that it was not about money for him, but that he had only worked to cover costs. “” I have not made a profit with doping, “” the statement said. He also contradicted the allegation that the treatments put the athletes at risk. “” It was always important to me that the athletes were not harmed to their health. “” The Munich public prosecutor accuses the 42-year-old doctor of almost 150 offenses. Mark S. admitted most of the acts, but also contradicted a good dozen of the listed cases. In the first two weeks of the trial, two helpers from Mark S. – the nurse Diana S. and the paramedic Sven M. – testified and confirmed the results of the investigations in the so-called “” Operation Aderlass “”.

The Erfurt doctor had asked them to take blood from athletes at various locations and give them to them. This is now confirmed by the doctor himself. The father of Mark S. as a further defendant had let it be known that he knew about his son’s machinations. Only the fifth defendant in the proceedings, the building contractor Dirk Q., has not yet commented. He has been in custody next to Mark S. since the beginning of 2019 because, according to the prosecutor, he also took blood from athletes and injected it again, including during the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. At the beginning of the trial, his attorney had demanded that the proceedings be closed because of allegedly several unlawful acts. In the largest German doping trial in years, a total of 26 trial days are scheduled, and a verdict is expected shortly before Christmas.

The investigations had started in January 2019 after an ARD documentary and statements by the Austrian cross-country skier Johannes Dürr. On February 27, there were two raids, one during the Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld and at the same time one in Erfurt, where Mark S. was arrested. Source:, dbe / dpa “According to the Interior Minister, the incident shows Maier, there is an increasing propensity for violence in right-wing extremist structures. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) In a “” xenophobic attack “”, three foreign men are injured in Erfurt, and the police do not allow all suspects to leave again later.

Although the investigation against the twelve Germans continues, Thuringia’s interior minister is stunned and criticizes the judiciary. After the xenophobic attack on three men from Guinea in Erfurt, all twelve alleged perpetrators were released. This was announced by the public prosecutor’s office in Erfurt. There are no grounds for imprisonment – among other things, there is a risk of flight or blackout.

The investigations into the suspects continued, and Thuringia’s interior minister Georg Maier reacted with horror when they were released. “” The Nazi thugs from Erfurt are all running around freely again, “he wrote on Twitter. “” I know that it is not my place to criticize the judiciary. But it is a disaster for the victims and the people at Herrenberg. “” The three men were victims of a racially motivated attack on Saturday night. Two of her were injured, including a 21-year-old seriously. His condition is said to have been critical at times. The police spoke of a “” xenophobic attack “”.

Maier wrote on Twitter: “” I am shocked! Right-wing extremist violence in Erfurt again. My thoughts are with the victims. “” The incident shows an increasing willingness to use violence in right-wing extremist structures. The act happened in front of a well-known meeting point of the right-wing scene: Herrrenberg is the name of the prefabricated building area in the southeast of Erfurt, where the crime occurred at around 3 a.m. in front of the meeting point of the right-wing scene. According to the police, the attackers were in front of it.

The “” three-person group of foreign citizens “” was verbally and then physically attacked by ten to twelve Germans, the police said. The two injured were taken care of in hospital. The seriously injured is said to have suffered a head injury. Among other things, the State Criminal Police Office was involved in the investigation. The police asked witnesses to come forward.

In Thuringian security circles it is assumed that members or sympathizers of the right-wing extremist party, the Third Way, are regularly present at the scene in front of which the attack took place.